Nokia Cuts 800 Jobs, Delays Shipment Of “iPhone Rival” E7

Is Nokia feeling the heat, or making itself lean and mean for competitive times ahead? The handset maker today said that it would be cutting 800 staff in its home market of Finland. This is on top part of the 1,800 layoffs worldwide that it announced in October. The news comes on the same day that the handset maker said it would be delaying shipments of its new E7 device until 2011.

The E7 device, due to run on the latest version of the Symbain OS, was kept back until 2011 for the company to continue to work on “user experience” issues, according to a report in Bloomberg.

The device was originally supposed to ship in a few markets this year.

“We just wanted to make sure it’s the best product possible in both hardware and software,” said a spokesperson in the report.

The E7 is a descendant of the Communicator line of handsets, and will feature both a slide-out keyboard as well as a touchscreen. Some have referred to it as a “rival” to the iPhone, although if it follows in the Communicator footsteps, it will probably be marketed more for enterprise users.

Meanwhile, employees that will be made redundant have already been consulted, said the company in a statement, and the cuts will be put into effect in January. There will be severance packages to the value of between five and 15 months of a worker’s salary, although some workers will redeployed in other areas of the company.

The 1,800 layoffs announced earlier this year were largely related to Symbian. It is as yet still unclear what areas will be affected in this most recent round of layoffs.

We will update when and if we get more information.