Reports Surge in Demand for Mobile Developers

Online jobs site today released its Freelancer 50 report, which looks at the growth of various job categories in its marketplace in the third quarter 2010. The findings should prove particularly encouraging for mobile developers, with the report showing the growth in the “Mobile Phone”category at a staggering 145 percent.

Given the boom in mobile apps, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see that freelancers with mobile development skills are in demand. But mobile app developers should still be pleased to see the “Mobile Phone” category showing the greatest growth overall in this report. Looking further down the list of in-demand skills, there’s even more good news: The Android (s goog) category is also very strong, showing growth of 24 percent over the previous quarter. It’s a less rosy picture for iPhone (s aapl) developers, though, whose category shrunk by 4 percent.

Web developers should probably start brushing up on their HTML5 skills if they haven’t already; growth in HTML5 was up 72 percent in the third quarter. HTML5 and other related technologies, like CSS3 and geo-location, might still not be fully supported in all of the browsers just yet, but forward-thinking businesses are already looking at ways of making use of them to build innovative products.

Here’s the top 10 job categories from the report:

1 Mobile Phone 145
2 Graphic Design 143
3 Resumes 123
4 Windows Server 110
5 Google SketchUp 107
6 Website Design 104
7 HTML 5 72
8 Internet Marketing 64
9 Speech Writing 61
10 eNewsletters 49

Of course, just as with similar reports released by other freelance marketplaces such as Elance, you should take these figures with a pinch of salt. It’s only data from one marketplace, albeit a fairly large one with nearly two million users and some 180,000 jobs posted during the third quarter, and it’s also subject to vagaries of job classification (sometimes it’s not clear-cut as to which categories a particular job should fall into), so it can’t be taken as representative of the wider freelance jobs market. However, it does provide an interesting snapshot of the marketplace.

Mobile app developers: Are you seeing a surge in demand for your skills?

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