iPod Nano Watch Kits Nab Nearly $1M in Funding

Earlier we reported that the TikTok and LunaTik watchband kits for the iPod nano (s aapl) had broken a funding record on Kickstarter, a site where individuals can pledge relatively small amounts to back new projects. Well, fast forward to now, with the funding about to close, and the project has garnered more than $900,000 in funding.

With $906,233 pledged and still four hours to go as of this writing, the TikTok and LunaTik are officially the record-holders for most funding received through Kickstarter. The next closest project managed to get less than half that amount, with $345,992. Scott Wilson, the designer of the two iPod nano wristband cases, originally sought only $15,000 as his funding target. He’s now exceeded it by $873,550.

When contacted, Wilson noted that in an unusual reversal of the standard relationship, an accessory is actually driving purchases of an Apple product, rather than the other way around:

One thing that we are finding and is that a majority of our backers actually didn’t own a nano prior to purchasing our watches. It is pretty cool for us to know that our product is inspiring people to purchase [nanos].

It’s not actually that surprising, since the TikTok and LunaTik are remarkably easy on the eyes. Definitely a lot more appealing than the competition.

This is a stunning example of how a good idea combined with great design can catch fire and succeed even in the absence of traditional backing. It’s also great proof that not only does the Kickstarter model work, but it can actually far exceed traditional funding models if the product is good; it strikes a chord with consumers; and the timing is right.

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