Last Minute Geek’s Holiday Gift Guide

The geek in your life is hard enough to find appropriate gifts for the holidays, and this year, once again you waited until the last moment. Never fear, we have scoured the web for the geekiest, coolest gift ideas that will be just perfect for the geek in your life.

1. Lonely Planet Android Apps. Your geek’s phone never looked so smart as it will with these augmented reality applications lighting the way. The detailed city maps use the phone’s camera and GPS to highlight nearby points of interest in 25 major cities in the world. No more getting lost while traveling for that special geek in your life. $0.99 each city map.

2. Telescoping Laptop Stand. You’ve likely been in crowded airports where using a laptop was not easy due to all the people jostling for space. You can insure your geek will always have a good laptop work area with this portable stand that attaches to any carry-on travel bag. The stand is adjustable to create the proper working height, and has a strap to secure the laptop to the stand. $13.

3. Star Wars Dark Side Roast Coffee. Star Wars. Darth Vader. Caffeine. That may be all you need to know, but this special blend of coffee is the real deal — whole bean coffee hand roasted by Storm Troopers. Hey, you can’t make this stuff up. If your geek is going over to the dark side, let him/her take the perfect coffee blend along for the ride. $15.

4. Bag of Holding. If a simple urban bag is more in line with your geek’s needs, this messenger bag is the perfect gift to carry gadgets around town. No doubt your geek carries gadgets everywhere, and this special bag holds more than seems possible given its small size. I guess that’s why they call it the Bag of Holding. Your geek will understand. $50.

5. iPhone Keyboard Case. Maybe your geek waited in line to get one of the first iPhone 4s, or maybe he/she still rocks the old-school iPhone 3GS. This special case comes in models for either phone, and adds something that no one else in your geek’s social circle has — a QWERTY keyboard. Yes, spin the case around and a full physical keyboard is exposed so your geek can enter text at breakneck speed. The phone works normally with the keyboard exposed or not. $40.

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