Next Up for Schwarzenegger: Tackling Federal Energy Policy?

Will California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger be the next Obama Administration energy policy official? It’s just one idea that Schwarzenegger, who will step down from the governor role in a couple of weeks to be replaced by Jerry Brown, kicked around in an interview with the L.A. Times on Friday.

Schwarzenegger told the L.A. Times that when he leaves office, he plans:

[T]o go back to Washington with Secretary [George] Schultz and others” to push for a new approach to energy policy. He said the country needs to bring Democrats and Republicans together on energy policies that both sides can agree on in order to reduce dependence on foreign oil and become competitive, “rather than always talking about global warming, which turns some people off.

Schwarzenegger also said he would consider a position with the Obama administration. On Schwarzenegger’s official website, he identifies California’s Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 as one of his “most notable accomplishments in his first six years in office.”

Note to Department of Energy Secretary Steven Chu: Perhaps Schwarzenegger, a longtime, moderate Republican, could help reach across the aisle and help maintain aggressive energy policies in the face of the recent political shift.

When Jerry Brown takes the gubernatorial office, he’ll have sizable green shoes to fill. Brown (who spoke at our Green:Net event in 2010) has a plan to create a half a million green jobs in California and also plans to appoint a “Renewable Energy Jobs Czar.”

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Image courtesy of the Schwarzenegger administration, signing legislation at Nanosolar.