Motorola to Acquire Zecter, Maker of ZumoCast

Motorola Mobility (s mot) will acquire startup Zecter to enable wireless synchronization and video streaming capabilities on Motorola’s Android (s goog) phones. Zecter is the producer of ZumoDrive and ZumoCast, services that facilitate cloud storage and media streaming of stored content to mobile devices.

ZumoCast, introduced in beta earlier this year for the iPad and iPhone (s aapl), makes it possible to stream audio and video content from the home PC to the mobile device over either Wi-Fi or 3G connections. It also allows synchronizing that content to the mobile device, and could soon turn Android phones into mobile media powerhouses through Motorola’s MotoBlur widget service,. This makes perfect sense given the expected release of a Motorola tablet early next year, with which the company has been teasing us of late with a promotional video. Tablets make good video players given the screens larger than those on phones, and Motorola’s upcoming tablet would be a very good player coupled with this new technology.

This new media technology delivered through MotoBlur could give Android handsets the ability to play video right on the home screen. Motorola Android owners will be able to take their audio and video libraries everywhere they go, and play them without opening another app. While Motorola’s customers will almost certainly continue using popular online services like YouTube for media consumption, there’s a lot to be said for having your own favorite shows one tap away on the home screen.

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