So Long James and Thanks For the Mobile Tech!

Has it really been two years and five months since James Kendrick and I joined GigaOM? Indeed it has, to the exact day, no less, and the journey has been one of knowledge, collaboration and community. But everyone has a different path in life, and today, James is setting out on his. After many posts and engaging commentary on mobile technologies here, James is today leaving GigaOM and will take up the keyboard at ZDNet in the near future, blogging about mobile technology.

I think Om said it best the day that James and I joined up with GigaOM: “jkOnTheRun is one of the rare blogs that covers the world of mobile gadgets with razor-sharp wit and insight. More importantly, it has a genuinely consumer-centric point of view.” It’s that wit and insight fused with matters that mobile consumers care about that James brought to GigaOM and, having personally worked with him since 2003 (even though we didn’t physically meet until 2005!), I know that James will continue to deliver such attributes to readers everywhere.

While we’re sad to see James go, we wish him nothing but the best. And of course, once he gets settled in his new digs, I’ll have a new mobile technology RSS feed to follow for coverage on our Mobile channel here at GigaOM.¬†Good luck, James!