Holiday Tips for Your New Boxee Box, Roku, Xbox & PS3

Did Santa bring you a Boxee Box, Roku digital media player, Xbox (s MSFT), PS3 (s sne) or a brand-spanking new SL camera with HD video recording? Lucky you! Well, chances are, you’re done showing everyone how shiny your new gadgets are, and now you’re wondering: What else can I do with it?

We’re glad you asked, because we’ve been busy compiling a bunch of resources in recent weeks to help you get the most out of your new favorite toys:

Boxee Box Tips

Want to know how to send any video you find online straight to your Boxee Box, add bookmarks to Boxee’s browser and use the Boxee Box as a file server for your home network? Or maybe you want to know how to watch live TV on the Boxee Box, get a Twitter widget or change the screen saver? Then check out 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Boxee Box.

RokuĀ Tips

Did you know that you can use your Roku digital media player to watch YouTube videos, stream content over your local network and access all your music from the cloud? And did you know that Roku has a number of private channels, including porn, a Twitter screen-savers and a Woot checker? No? Then better read 10 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Roku.

Camcorder Tips

Some people swear by their Flip (s CSCO) cameras, while others prefer a high-end SLR to shoot cinematic HD video with 1080p, and some folks just point and shoot with their iPhone (s AAPL) or iPod Touch devices. Either way, it always helps to get some tips from the pros on how to improve your video making abilities, something for which we’re highly recommending the Vimeo Video School.

Xbox Tips

You’ve probably spent half the day jumping around in front of your Kinekt — and now you’re ready for some leanback entertainment. Well, did you know that the Xbox 360 is also a great TV-watching device that’s not only streaming Netflix movies, but also live sports via ESPN3? Check out our Cord Cutters episode about the Xbox for details.

PS3 Tips

More of a PlayStation guy? So is our own Ryan Lawler, and he used the most recent episode of Cord Cutters to highlight some of the ways you can get video content onto Sony’s gaming device. Check it out below:


Image courtesy of Flickr userĀ kevindooley.

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