Top 7 NewTeeVee Videos of 2010

Regular readers of this blog may have noticed that we have significantly ramped up our video production in 2010. Not only did we start our own web series with Cord Cutters, but we also published a number of video interviews with bands like Ok Go, web series stars like the Family Matters alumn Jaleel White and entrepreneurs like Roku CEO Anthony Wood.

Chances are that even some of our most loyal readers may have missed the one or other highlight, but there’s always a second chance. Here are the seven most popular videos published by NewTeeVee in 2010:

1. Flash on Android Is Shockingly Bad Kevin Tofel tested Flash video playback on his Nexus One for us – and we didn’t like what we saw.


2. Our interview with CBS Interactive’s Anthony Soho CBS’s (s CBS) VP promised Ryan Lawler that the network will have all of its web videos available on the iPad by the start of the fall season. Too bad CBS didn’t come through.

3. Side-by-side: Flip UltraHD vs. iPhone 4 Did Apple (s AAPL) kill the Flip (s CSCO) when it added HD video recording to the iPhone? We wanted to see first hand how the two devices stacked up against each other, so we recorded a side-by-side video comparison.

4. Make Video Calls on the iPhone 3GS With iSeeU Simple ideas win — and adding a cute video demo doesn’t hurt either. The video of this gadget, which allows you to make Facetime-like video calls on older iPhones, was a hit with our readers.


5. Private CEO Says Porn Piracy Is Promotion Porn companies tend to be hawkish on piracy, but Private’s (s PRVT) CEO Berth Milton says he doesn’t mind people stealing his stuff.

6. Netflix on Google TV, Apple TV & Roku Compared People love Netflix, and they love good UIs. We compared how the service looks on three leading CE devices.

7. Hulu Blocks Google TV One of Google (s GOOG) TV’s biggest problems caught on camera: It doesn’t play videos from

We would have made this a Top 10 list, but all the other popular videos were Cord Cutters episodes. You can find a list of all of those here, or just check out the following post-holiday highlight:

Bonus video: The Cord Cutters Holiday Gift Guide This guide was a hit this holiday season, and it’s still worth watching if you have some gift cards to spend: The Cord Cutters crew talks about Apple TV, Google TV, the Boxee Box, Roku, the PS3 (s SNE) and Powerline adapters.


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