Open Thread: Your Take on Apple TV, Roku & Boxee Box

We’ve all been there: Shiny new toys look great under the tree — but the real test comes a few days later, when reality sets in and you’ve had enough time to find all the bugs and flaws. That’s especially true for all the fancy new boxes that help you to get video content on the TV screen, which typically get a good stress test over a movie-fueled long holiday weekend.

We’ve recommended a bunch of those boxes over the last couple of weeks, but now it’s your turn. Got a Boxee Box, a Roku or an Apple TV (s aapl) as a present? Or maybe you got an Xbox 360 (s msft), complete with Kinect, and now you’re exploring the console’s online video options? Then tell us in the comments how these devices are working out for you!

Plus, here’s a bonus question: Now that you’ve tested your new gear for a few days — are you more or less likely to cut the cord?

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