Get Some Free Help With NYE Resolutions With RunKeeper Pro

The new year is prime time for making good on that commitment to get back in shape, and your iPhone (s aapl) can help. We’ve looked at fitness apps in the past, but one in particular, RunKeeper Pro, deserves a second look, as it’s going to be available free for the entire month of January.

RunKeeper Pro is normally $9.99, and was recently featured by Apple as one of the highest grossing apps of 2010 in its iTunes Rewind microsite. The app is easily among the best fitness apps available for iPhone (there’s an Android (s goog) version, too, which is also free for January).

If you’re looking to track your outdoor fitness activity, RunKeeper Pro is a great choice. It features workout tracking using an extremely easy account creation tool (just input your email and a password and you’ve created a profile), advanced settings for when the app provides feedback and audio cues, and the ability to choose what stat being tracked to focus on in the primary display. There’s also a FitnessClass mode, which combines coaching and audio cue elements to really keep you on track, and RunKeeper LIVE, which lets you broadcast your workout progress in real-time.

I’ve been using the built-in Nike+ (s nke) app, and the more recent downloadable GPS-based Nike+ app for iPhone, but RunKeeper is a strong contender to replace both, thanks to its advanced coaching and feedback options. Especially thanks to its sharing options (you can make your routes and activities public and post activities to Twitter and Facebook) and that awesome price tag.

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