Smart Meter Protest “Caught” On Tape

Some residents of the little town of Inverness in Northern California are trying to relive Berkeley in the ’60’s — but instead of sticking it to “the man,” they’re fighting an even greater evil: smart meters! A group of protesters (the SF Weekly says it was 30) reportedly blocked a road in Inverness, trying to stop PG&E contractors from installing smart meters in their region. Two of ’em were arrested (watch the video footage of the awkward arrests).

The road in the video looks like it was Highway 1, which must have been pretty irritating for anyone that had to drive on Highway 1 that day, as basically it’s the only major road in that area. The protesters told SF Weekly that they oppose smart meters because of privacy concerns, health concerns, and because basically PG&E didn’t ask their permission. About a half dozen local Marin media outlets have picked up the news.

I don’t think this is a sign that the consumer backlash over smart meters is ramping up at all. Clearly the group took video and photos of the protest and are trying to get the media to pick up the story. And OK, I bit. But just because I’m trying to understand what is going through the heads of this small group of people who are lashing out at smart meters, which basically use similar technology to the Internet and cell phone connections that these people are likely already using.

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