Top 10 NewTeeVee Stories of 2010

2010 was an exciting year for us here at NewTeeVee: We relaunched with a new design, teamed up with all the other GigaOM sites for a more integrated experience, launched our first web series called Cord Cutters, had an amazing time with a couple hundred of our closest friends at NewTeeVee Live, and yes, also write a few articles. Every day.

Here’s a list of the ten stories that got the most attention from you, our esteemed readers:

  1. YouPorn Goes HTML5, Gets on the iPad
  2. Google to Open-source VP8 for HTML5 Video
  3. Comparison: Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Boxee Box
  4. Video: Flash on Android Is Shockingly Bad
  5. Where to Watch the World Cup Online and on Your Phone
  6. Skype Launches Group Video Chat
  7. Where to Watch the 2010 Winter Olympics Online
  8. Team YouTube Gets More Support: Creators File Amicus Brief
  9. Chatroulette Threatens Perverts With Police
  10. Chatroulette Launches Channelroulette and Localroulette

Thank you so much for reading our stories, for making them come alive through invaluable discussions in our comment section, and for helping us to reach new audiences by tweeting about the articles you like the most. See you all next year!

Image courtesy (CC-BY-SA) of Flickr userĀ bjornmeansbear.