2010’s Most Popular Posts for Web Workers

We like to know whether what we write is of interest to you, so we track page views, comments and tweets. And now, the results are in for the year! Drum roll, please… In case you missed them, here are the top posts of 2010 from WebWorkerDaily.

  1. Simon’s list of ten simple Google search tips (s goog) from April. He added nine more tips in May, which also made the list of top posts.
  2. Aliza’s suggestions for things that do and don’t work on Facebook pages from May.
  3. Amber’s 12-step program for increased productivity that we published in February.
  4. The April discussion from Simon about why open standards matter.
  5. Aliza’s list of ten apps we can’t do without from April.
  6. Aliza’s February discussion of significant developments in social media.
  7. Doriano’s list of ten free add-ons for Google Apps from January.
  8. A discussion of what our email signatures reveal about us, written by guest blogger Dave Clarke in June.
  9. Darrell’s June list of apps that made him change his mind about using the iPad (s aapl) for work.
  10. Dawn’s September list of tips for getting the most from Google Reader.

It’s clear you like our compilations of tips, apps, and other tools, but you also appreciate practical discussions of ways to improve your ability to work effectively. We thank you reading, and for the comments and suggestions you add to these posts; our blog is much stronger with your feedback.

Everyone here wishes you a successful, prosperous, exciting, challenging, fulfilling, and happy new year!

What were your favorite WWD articles from 2010? What would you like us to write about in 2011?

Image by sxc.hu user miamiamia

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