Funny or Die Kicks Off VanDerWeek With Jamesvandermemes

Funny or Die has found new and impressive ways to trigger Dawson’s Creek nostalgia in Internet audiences, but anyone who thought the company might have topped itself previously was foolish. Following Joshua Jackson’s adventures at Comic-Con Pacey-Con comes Vandermemes, in which James Van Der Beek updates the classic crying Dawson GIF meme for a new generation.

The video points to the site, a Tumblr blog providing a selection of animated GIFs to represent nearly every human emotion, including Awkwarrrrd, Yawn and Eager Beaver (seen below).

The blog, which is maintained by Funny or Die staff, is also featuring other Dawson’s Creek-related Tumblr posts and has gathered 3,000 followers in less than 12 hours.

You might think his is just a sign that Funny or Die wants to turn the internet into the Videogum comments section. But oh, no, it’s thinking much bigger than that. According to a Funny or Die rep, this is just the beginning of “VanDerWeek” — which was created “because it rhymes more than any other reason.”

Thus, each day for the rest of the week will bring a new Van Der Beek-starring video experiment, culminating this Friday at 3:00 p.m. PT, when Van Der Beek will take over the Funny or Die Twitter account to answer any pressing questions people might have.

VanDerWeek’s genesis can be found in a meeting the actor took with FOD, in which writer Lauren Palmigiano pitched the idea of updating the crying Dawson GIF. Other videos planned for this week include one where Van Der Beek advertises some very special khakis, and one in which he makes up for the years he spent portraying Dawson, the perfect boyfriend.

One thing about this is very obvious: Katie Holmes, your move.

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