The Morning Lowdown 01.05.11

»  If Arianna Huffington’s success with The Huffington Post parallels Mark Zuckerberg’s experience with Facebook, it’s that she too is being sued by a duo (but not brothers) who claim a critical role in creating her now profitable website. [Vanity Fair]

»  Despite the year-long recovering ad market, Gannett’s local papers apparently are resorting to furloughs again. [GannettBlog]

»  Website publishers are always curious about the kinds of searches that draw traffic. In Gawker’s case, 115,000 people really did type “Anderson Cooper boyfriend” to land on that site last year. [Gawker]

»  Facebook poses a serious threat to Google’s web traffic and revenue dominance, Mike Shields says, offering another snippet of JP Morgan analyst Imran Khan’s report on the state of the online. Google’s course of action should involve a heavy focus on developing the mobile search ad market. [Adweek]

»  Online could soon surpass TV as Americans’ main international and national news source. Right now, 41 percent say they get most of their news about national and international news from the web — that’s where things have stood for the past two years. But it represents a 17 point rise since 2007. Meanwhile, 66 percent of Americans say TV is the main news provider – down 74 percent three years ago and 82% as recently as 2002. [Pew Research Center for the People & the Press]

»  Maybe its not the competing business models of print and online that has journalists feeling down. Maybe it’s just “attitudinal.” Maybe. [OJR]