Stuff I’m Still Using: My Favorite Products From 2010

One of the fun things about writing here is that I get to experiment with a bunch of apps and devices that I might not have tried otherwise. A friend recently asked how many of the products I wrote about last year have made their way into my everyday work life. I checked, and here’s the list, in no particular order:


  • The Overdrive Mobile Hotspot from Sprint (s s). I’ve been very impressed with the simplicity and usefulness of this device while I’m on the road. I took it on a cross-country train trip last summer, and was able to get a 4G or 3G signal in many large and medium-sized cities. I’ve had to exchange this device twice: The first one stopped booting, and the second one had a defective USB port. But Sprint was very good about replacing them, and the current version came with updated firmware and seems to be faster and more reliable than the original one.
  • The HTC EVO 4G, and most of the Android apps I wrote about in November. I’m still discovering more cool apps, and have added some like the official LinkedIn app that was recently released.
  • The ZaggSPARQ backup battery charger for USB devices. Much as I like the EVO, I have to watch its battery use, so having some extra power in my pocket is awfully handy.
  • The third-generation Kindle (s amzn). I find it so comfortable that I forget I’m using an e-book reader.


I tried some really great hardware and software last year. There are some other products that didn’t make the list, not because I didn’t like them, but because they didn’t fit my workflow for one reason or another.

The innovations from 2010 were quite impressive. I look forward to seeing more great stuff in 2011!

What cool new apps and devices did you discover in 2010?

Image by user coscurro

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