Reports: Technology Job Outlook Improving

Following the news we reported on that showed an increasingly-positive employment outlook for remote workers, three new reports suggest that opportunities for technology jobs are outpacing the wider job market.

General Employment Picture Still Shaky

The fourth-quarter Employment Confidence Survey from Glassdoor shows that both employers and workers in all fields in the U.S. are still concerned about their futures.

Employers’ expectations are highest in the South, where 49 percent expect performance to improve in the next six months, compared to 36 percent in the West, 40 percent in the Northeast and 42 percent in the Midwest. Twice as many employees in the West (15 percent) expect their company’s outlook to get worse in the next six months than those in the Northeast (7 percent) and South (7 percent).

The survey indicates that the general workforce (not just technology workers) continue to worry about:

  • Reduced compensation. More than half (52 percent) of those surveyed reported that their company reduced compensation within the past six months, and 27 percent reported that their own compensation had been cut.
  • Reduced health benefits. 28 percent of those reporting saw cuts in their health and dental benefits, up 6 percentage points from last quarter and 11 points from fourth quarter 2009.
  • Unlikelihood of pay raises. 45 percent do not expect a pay raise in the next 12 months, while 36 percent do expect a pay raise and 19% are uncertain.
  • Uncertainty about bonuses. Of those who expect a bonus, 21 percent expect it to be more than their last bonus, 47 percent expect it to be the same, and 16 percent expect it to be less. Of those who expect a bonus, twice as many men (16 percent) than women (7 percent) expect an increase in this year’s bonus over their last.
  • Uncertain job prospects. Employed adults are afraid that if they should they lose their job, 33 percent are uncertain they would be able to find a new job matched to their skills within six months, which is up from 28 percent last quarter, while 34 percent believe it’s likely, and 32 percent are uncertain. Surprisingly, those currently unemployed are slightly more positive about getting a job commensurate with their skills within six months.

Technology Job Postings Surge

Two other reports seem to indicate the technology job market is more positive than the above findings would indicate.

Technology jobs fared well in the Industry Employment Trends report for December 2010 from Indeed. According to this study, postings for information technology positions grew by 82 percent over December 2009.

The most popular positions included graphic designer, program manager, technical writer, software engineer, systems administrator, and network engineer. The U.S. cities with the most postings included New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, San Francisco, Washington, Dallas, Austin and San Diego.

Web-Related Positions Rated Highly

The position of software engineer has been named as “the nation’s best job,” according to a study from CareerCast. The position topped the list thanks to its low stress, strong outlook for employment and income growth potential, minimal physical demands and high environmental ranking.

Other technology-related jobs in the top fifty include computer systems analyst (rated in fifth place), technical writer (26th), computer programmer (27th), and web developer (44th), And while blogger is not listed, philosopher is rated in 16th place.

How do you see your job prospects in 2011?

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