Cox Phases Out Adify Name, Folds Company Into Digital Sales Unit

Two and a half years since vertical ad network builder Adify was acquired by Cox Enterprises, through its subsidiary Cox TMI, and that brand is being erased as its parent company has decided to combine it with the digital arm of Cox Cross Media. Adify is now part of Cox Digital Solutions, which is an arm of yet another subsidiary, Cox Reps. The move was done to reduce “redundancies,” Mediapost reported.

The Atlanta-based media company, which owns the Atlanta Journal Constitution, as well as TV and radio stations, paid $300 million, plus earnouts, for Adify. About two years ago, Adify began working with its Cox Enterprises sibling on a vertical ad net targeting in-market car shoppers. As Adify began handling digital chores for other parts of Cox, the company decided it was time to fully blend the brand in.

The change was also paved three months ago, when Adify CEO and co-founder Russ Fradin left the company to start a new one called Dynamic Signal. And in November, one of Adify’s primary voices at industry conferences and in the press, Joelle Kaufman. exited the company as SVP for worldwide marketing & products.

Steve Shaw, an SVP at Cox Cross Media is now at the head of the newly consolidated entity as president of Cox Digital Solutions. He told Mediapost that Cox Digital would merge the two companies’ ad technologies to a create a single system for creating RFPs to handling order flow management to ad-serving and invoicing. Cox Digital will have a sales staff of 25 people in 10 areas nationwide.