Charting MySpace From Hot To Not

MySpace has done what few can claim to have accomplished so far this new year: cut its weight nearly in half by slashing close to 500 jobs from the payroll. The social-network-turned-social-entertainment-hub skyrocketed to attention after its 2004 launch and by 2005 was viewed by mainstream media like Viacom (NYSE: VIA) and News Corp (NSDQ: NWS). as a golden ticket to the future. News Corp. got the deal done, spending $580 million to secure the social net as the linchpin of Rupert Murdoch’s “get there quick” digital strategy. But it’s been five years since MySpace was the hot next thing — and it enters the new decade as a partner with Facebook, not a competitor with any chance of winning at the same game. Below, some of the milestones on MySpace’s journey from hot to not. The timeline is interactive and has links embedded within the text. You can fill in the rest with our MySpace archives.

Chart: MySpace: From Hot To Not [PNG]
Chart: MySpace: From Hot To Not [PDF with embedded links]