ChromaPaper Adds Offline Sync to Read-Later Service Instapaper

Users of Instapaper, a popular service that allows for the saving of online articles to read at a later date, should check out ChromaPaper, an unofficial Chrome (s goog) app. It adds some extra features to the Instapaper website, such as two-column pagination, but what makes it really useful is that it provides offline sync.

The app can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, a couple of new ChromaPaper links will be added to the top-left of your Instapaper account screen:

Clicking the “Offline Sync” link will download the unread articles saved to your Instapaper account to your browser’s local storage, meaning you can read them even while you’re offline; handy for being able to catch up while you’re flying, for example.

The “Options” link allows you to enable other ChromaPaper features, including two-column pagination and the ability to save the scroll position in each article.

ChromaPaper is free. Some of its features are still being developed, so you may find a few bugs while using it, but it’s worth downloading just to get the offline sync feature.

(Via Lifehacker)

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