Today in Cleantech

Green technology supporters who want to fight back against attacks on greentech government support might want to study up on the Washington Monthly magazine piece, “Get the Energy Sector off the Dole.” The article cites a raft of subsidies to the oil, natural gas and coal industries that cost U.S. taxpayers about $20 billion a year, including often-misused tax breaks for oil exploration and tax incentives for the problematic support of the U.S. corn-to-ethanol industry. About 70 percent of all federal energy subsidies go to fossil fuel industries, 15 percent go to ethanol, and 10 percent go to federal power entities like the Bonneville Power Administration and the Tennessee Valley Authority, the article states, leaving only about 5 percent for all other clean energy subsidies put together. According to one study, subsidies to mature fossil fuel companies added up to $76 billion from 2002 to 2008 alone. Kinda helps put the $36 billion or so in Department of Energy stimulus-package backing for green energy projects in perspective, doesn’t it?