Dockem Makes Wall-Mounting Gadgets Quick and Painless

I’ve being weighing my options for wall-mounting my iPad and iPhone (s aapl) since I first got the devices, but no current solution really meets my needs, which are simplicity, flexibility and ease of access. The Kickstarter-funded Dockem looks like it might be just what I’m looking for.

The Dockem’s simplicity of design is what makes it most appealing. It features two parts, which basically act as little shelves that you can space apart from one another on the wall according to the size of the gadget you intend to use with the Dockem. One of these two parts also features a small tab designed to prevent your device from falling forward out of the mount. Both parts can be affixed to any smooth surface via 3M Command strips, which are glue-backed velcro strips that come cleanly off of walls and can carry considerable weight (spoken from personal experience — if it’s hanging in my apartment, it’s hanging on these things).

Other solutions like the Wallee for iPad ($49) or the Dockalot ($199) offer solutions tailored specifically to the iPad, but in both cases, there’s a significant amount of work involved in installation, cost is considerable, and if you want to wall mount something other than an iPad, you’re out of luck.

Unlike either the Wallee or the Dockalot, the Dockem won’t win any awards for beautiful industrial design. Without a device, it looks like someone maybe forget to remove some hardware for mounting drapes, and even while holding a device, it doesn’t look much better. But it’s easy to install, easy to remove, compatible with cases and skins, and getting your device in and out takes no time at all. Personally, I don’t mind something being ugly if it’s also incredibly functional, which the Dockem definitely looks to be. Check it out in action in the video below.

When contacted for comment, Dockem creator Chris Moyer explained why he thinks his product has the advantage over other similar solutions:

Besides being much cheaper, the main advantages of the Dockem is that it’s universal (not just limited to the iPad), can be mounted easily to almost any surface without causing any damage, can be removed even easier, and doesn’t require any special case.  Simply put, it provides the most function at the lowest cost!

Dockem is being funded through Kickstarter, which funds projects through individual contributor pledges, as mentioned above. As of this writing, it’s already achieved about a third of its funding goal, with nearly two months left to go, so it looks likely to be made. A $15 pledge nets you a pre-order, and if it doesn’t reach its funding goal, you don’t get charged. Dockem may not be the next $1 million idea, but I think it’ll still do pretty well.

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