Jan. 14: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

There wasn’t much news today, but Intel’s fourth-quarter earnings make up for the dearth elsewhere. There are so many questions about Intel’s future in the coming quarters and years, that one has to wonder if this might be the last record-setting quarter Intel has. The other links point to worthwhile analysis on Hadoop, Cloudant and cloud security.

Intel Earnings: 2010 Was Record-setting Year; 2011 Expected to Be Better (From ZDNet) With the rash of news around Nvidia and ARM lately, it doesn’t look like Intel can keep up these record profits forever, especially in servers. But, if it can get a stranglehold on the tablet market …

What Factors Justify the Use of Apache Hadoop? (From tecosystems) This is a great defense of Hadoop, not that it needs one. Yes, it’s overkill in certain situations, but it’s also practical for data sets less than1TB, and is getting better by the day.

Cloudant Gains Traction With Hosted CouchDB And Analytics Offering (From CloudAve) I promise more Cloudant coverage in the future, as it really is an interesting company in terms of team and product. For now, this recap of its recent customer uptake will have to do.

Multi-tenancy Doesn’t Have to Be Bad for Security (From the Gartner Blog Network) I think this relates to a post earlier this week about most security tools not yet being designed to scale. Until security tests are designed with the cloud in mind, we won’t really know.

“Cloud Connect” is Sooo 2008 … (From the GoGrid blog) Strangely enough, GoGrid might have the most advanced hybrid-cloud offering around, with its dual-coast, dedicated-plus-multitenant infrastructure.

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