Keeps Track of the Links You Share Online

Ever since hearing that Yahoo (s yhoo) was planning to ditch Delicious, I’ve been looking at alternative bookmarking services. is a free bookmarking app with a twist: It automatically gathers all the links you share online and makes them available via a searchable web interface. It can connect to Twitter, Facebook, Delicious (s yhoo) and Pinboard via built-in connectors, and as it can work with RSS feeds, it can also grab links from services such as Instapaper, Tumblr and Posterous.

Once you’ve created an account and logged in, you simply authorize the services you want the app to connect to. will then start collecting any links you share, and it’ll also go back and gather any links you’ve shared in the past from your accounts, too.

Links are displayed in chronological order on the homepage with icons to indicate where they’ve come from, along with any tags and the tweet or message included with the original link. The listing of links is interesting to scroll through but probably not all that useful; where shines is in its fast search feature, which filters the listing of links as you type, providing a quick way to find links you posted previously. For example, if you vaguely remember sharing a link to an awesome martini recipe a few weeks back and want to find it again, you can use to dig it out of your archives.

While there’s a bookmarklet for adding links manually to your account, as well as some social features (you can follow other users and see their links, and you can also see when other users share the same links as you), it probably isn’t going to replace the existing dedicated social bookmarking services like Pinboard and Delicious, unless you happen to post every single link you’d like to recall to a social media account. However, it is an easy way to maintain a no-effort, zero-cost archive of all those links that you share online.

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