Hulu Wants to Know If You’re a Cord Cutter

Hulu CEO Jason Kilar may have told us at NewTeeVee Live that his site isn’t a replacement for pay TV, but it looks like his company isn’t so sure about that anymore. Hulu just rolled out a mini survey on its site, using ad breaks to ask users how they watch TV at home. One of the options mentioned: “I stream what I want, when I want, over the Internet (Hulu, Netflix etc.).” (s NFLX) Another mentions free over-the-air broadcasts. Check out the complete survey below:

We asked Hulu about the survey, and a spokesperson told us it’s part of itsĀ ad tailoring personalization feature. She added that it isn’t part of a bigger survey, and that Hulu won’t be releasing the results.

So it’s all just about delivering better ads. Or is it? One could imagine that Hulu could try to pacify its corporate overlords as well as various other rights holders with this survey. The site is owned in part by News Corp., (s NWS) NBC Universal (soon controlled by Comcast) (s CMCSA) and Disney (s DIS), all of which are quite concerned about cord cutting.

In addition, rights holders have voiced concerns in the past that catchup services like Hulu could negatively affect the ratings of their prime time assets. Hulu’s life would surely a lot easier if it could tell all of these companies that the vast majority of its users still pay for and watch linear TV at home.

Are you using Hulu to cut the cord? Maybe you’ve even seen the same survey? Let us know in the comments. Want to know if Hulu Plus is a good replacement for cable? The check out the following episode of our weekly web series Cord Cutters:


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