Jan. 19: What We’re Reading About the Cloud

This is actually a collection of links from the past two days, with almost equal parts Big Data and cloud computing. We covered some really big news on this site, but elsewhere is further proof that technologies like Hadoop and NoSQL aren’t going anywhere — and might even be expanding as Big Data gets bigger — and that choosing the right cloud computing solution really should be about what’s best for the individual business (e.g., public vs. private, or available vs. reliable).

HBase: Shops Swap MySQL for Open Source Google Mimic (From The Register) This is really telling about the prevalence of HBase, although it’s still a very web-oriented user base. More data comes with the web territory, but a brick-and-mortar deployment would be noteworthy, too.

GraphDB Maker Sones Raises Millions to Expand Cloud Computing Business (From TechCrunch) GraphDB is a tool for connecting data from various SQL databases. Social media graphs already are big business, and so, too, should be doing a similar thing with business data.

Cassandra Service Company Riptano Changes Name to DataStax (From The H) The name change isn’t much more telling than was the randomly chosen Riptano, but at least it mentions data. The real news is the forthcoming Cassandra management product, which should be a boon for business. 

Joyent Introduces Next Generation Cloud Operating System (From Joyent) Joyent has been pushing its foray into the private cloud space via an OEM deal with Dell, but its software is generally available. Service providers, especially, might consider looking into it.

Uptime Girl? (From the Loose Couple’s Blog) This is an interesting post in light of last week’s no-planned-downtime announcement by Google. Customers do need to be very methodical in determining what’s important to them re: uptime.

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Image courtesy of the Hubble Heritage Team.