MySpace To Musicians: Wish Us Luck As We Try To Stay Valuable

Last week, a major debate on Digital Music News focused on the role that MySpace (NSDQ: NWS) Music now plays in the lives of artists and labels.

That prompted a lot of conversation with MySpace: they wanted to respond, but just wanted to work out the wording and who would say what. Ultimately, they decided that Roberto Fisher, vice president of Product for MySpace Music, had said it best. Here’s the unedited response…

“Thank you for the thoughtful article. I work at Myspace, leading product for Music. Our team and I here do read these articles and the commentaries.

“It’s always good to discuss things which aren’t black and white. We are listening to artists, labels, fans, and we know there’s a lot of features which could be improved, simplified, and opened up more. We’re continuing to work to deliver value to artists and their fans. We also know that the old models are changing as audiences shift and the needs of the music community continue to evolve. I’ve been working in digital music for 11 years now, since early days at and at Yahoo! (NSDQ: YHOO) Music. It’s more challenging than ever to be effective online.

“We here hope to improve so many more things about our offerings still, and at the same time we have been able to introduce some truly exciting products recently specifically designed to help artists, such as an open fan management platform and an open stats platform. The fan program let’s bands build their fanbase and message them wherever they are, and the stats product now offers the ability to track stats outside of Myspace on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. (By the way, they’re *free*.) We’ve also just introduced distributable song embeds which allow independent bands to have the same music that publishes to Myspace also play off of Myspace. And, we have more great artist products in the works, and some pretty neat stuff that will improve the overall experience for fans online and in mobile too.

“We even recently met with the Facebook team to talk about unique ways we could work together which truly benefit bands and the fans that are on the Facebook platform. I personally love the features Facebook offers, and also think Myspace offers a different and more colorful type of experience for artists and fans. We’re hanging in there because we believe that having different types of solutions in the market is a good thing for all, and we’re working hard and remaining positive because we believe that there is great value in our offering. That value becomes more evident as we improve things following the relaunch of the Myspace experience. We continuously do user testing and talk with bands, band management, labels and fans too. For the open minded and forgiving people out there, do wish us luck — the world will be a better place, in my humble opinion, if we here at Myspace really get it right to facilitate artist and fans connections through music over the Internet.

“Hit me up if you have positive passion and ideas about moving forward. If you don’t, no worries but we ain’t got time for the haters :-).