Schmidt Says Management Changes Will Make Google More Efficient

Eric Schmidt, who is stepping down as Google’s CEO, told analysts during the company’s earnings call today that the executive changes the company announced will make Google’s management more efficient. He said Google’s three-person leadership structure, which has existed for a decade, sometimes added “delay” in its decision-making. “By elevating me and having Larry running things day-to-day we think this will improve,” he said, adding that the three agreed to make the changes after “a long series of conversations.”

Schmidt said that as executive chairman he will work on topics he is “most interested in,” specifically external issues, such as Google’s relationship with governments. During his own remarks, co-founder Larry Page, who is taking over as CEO, said little about what his priorities would be in the role, but complimented Schmidt, saying “no one else in the universe could have accomplished what Eric has done.” For his part, co-founder Sergey Brin, who will now work on strategic projects, said he would be working on products “I hope to tell you about in the future.”

None of the analysts on the call pushed any of the three men on how they decided to change their roles. Instead, they asked them about their views on general issues facing the company, such as Google’s relationship with governments and its position in social. The responses were unsurprising.

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