The Morning Lowdown 01-20-11

»  Although European streaming music service Spotify is still not ready to enter the U.S. market — it continues to make its stateside intentions known — it’s inching closer, as it has reportedly struck a deal with Sony (NYSE: SNE) after negotiating for several months. [MediaMemo]

»  Hugh Hefner’s tweet about Playboy (NYSE: PLA) magazine subscriptions coming to the iPad in all its uncensored glory — despite Apple’s restrictions on R-rated material — from the earliest issue to the latest, didn’t contain the whole story. The subscription service, starting in March, will be web-based — though “iPad compatible” — through Bondi Digital Publishing and not available through the iTunes App Store. However, the magazine is prepping a non-nude version that should meet Apple’s rules. [Mixed Media]

»  AOL (NYSE: AOL), which has been refining its content strategy lately, is packaging its various offerings into an iPad magazine app that’s being described as a “Flipboard-killer” called Editions (the tagline: the magazine that reads you). [Business Insider]

»  The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS) is shuttering Propaganda Games, the Canadian studio following the poor sales for console game Tron: Evolution. Instead, Disney, like Viacom (NYSE: VIA), which just sold off Rock Band maker Harmonix, plans to concentrate more on social gaming and mobile apps. [Deadline Hollywood]

»  YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) has given its homepage a makeover that focuses heavily on giving users better management of their subscriptions. For example, subscriptions, friend activity, and recommendations are all in one list. And it makes catching up a little easier: videos you’ve already watched will be greyed out — so even without deleting, you’ll know where you left off. [YouTube]

»  The six millionth user just checked in on Foursquare. The geo-location service is attracting over 22,000 new users a day, according to PlacePunch, a marketing agency that tracks Foursquare stats. [NY Observer]