What iJustine’s New GTTV Gig Means for YouTube

The Spike TV (s VIA) series Game Trailers TV, which is relaunching on Jan. 27, has made some decidedly web-friendly upgrades for its fourth season. For one thing, the show is now called GTTV, which matches nicely with the new URL for the show’s homepage: gt.tv. And for another, YouTube (s GOOG) star Justine Ezarik — billed in the below trailer by her real name, but known to the Internet at large as iJustine — has been brought on to take on the show’s gadget coverage.

Ezarik’s initial rise to viral fame in 2007 came when she filmed her iPhone bill (s aapl); the self-professed Apple addict’s subsequent video work with gadgets was what got the attention of GTTV producer Joel Goodling. Ezarik has already filmed several segments for the show while at CES earlier this month, taking two days there to work for GTTV and then two days to produce material for her independent web presence.

Working there with the GTTV producers taught her a lot. “There were little random things I would do that the producers would notice, like, ‘Justine, you say awesome way too much!'” she said via phone.

Ezarik is committed to GTTV through the end of the year, but it’s not a full-time gig for her, as she believes that the team “will able to shoot a lot of it over the course of a few days,” leaving her time to continue working on YouTube.

As of right now there are no plans for Ezarik’s GTTV work to cross over to her YouTube channel, but Ezarik doesn’t think the two sides will stay completely separate, due to the overlap in her interests and the show’s. And she’ll be discussing her work on GTTV across all elements of her social media presence, including her Facebook page (over 430,000 followers) and Twitter (1.2 million followers). That may not even be written into her contract with GTTV (something she has done in the past with other deals); she’s just excited about the project.

The biggest change for Ezarik, ultimately, is that while her audience on YouTube is largely young women, GTTV is much more guy-oriented. However, while Ezarik acknowledged that the two demographics were very different, she didn’t see it affecting her performance style. “I’m still being myself and doing what I normally do,” she said.

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