@ NATPE: David Eun Says AOL Video Reboot Driving Growth

The relaunch of AOL (NYSE: AOL) Video strategy is already getting results, according to David Eun, president of AOL Media and Studios, who cited internal stats indicating 3X growth in video views and 6X on the homepage.

The positive trending bodes well for Eun, who came in last year as part of the company’s reinvention with video a primary focus of its content-first approach. In a NATPE Q&A on Tuesday with media consultant Jack Myers, he made the case for AOL establishing itself as a commanding presence in the chaotic video market online.

“We’re in it to make a big business,” said Eun, who noted AOL closed 20 deals for programming partnerships over the summer and more are coming. “There’s a huge opportunity to bring in advertising and increase the CPMs that we see historically.”

Television is having a pronounced influence on how AOL is programming to its audience of 110 million. In addition to the recently announced late-night block of programming that repurposes programming from video podcasters like Adam Carolla and Kevin Smith, AOL is bringing together its network of sites for themed stunts. This week AOL has been programming a “AOL Jobs Week” that has brought together everyone from Donald Trump to representatives of the White House with tips on making it big. There’s also programming that wraps around real-time events like tonight’s State of the Union address.

Because the online video market is still so nascent, figuring how to monetize eyeballs is still a matter of making it up as AOL goes along, Eun admitted. “Much of the receipt book hasn’t been written yet and you’re going by taste a litle bit,” he said. “But there’s enough lessons learned from the past to draw on.”