The Morning Lowdown 01.25.11

», the official online home of the 83rd Academy Awards, is promising to make this year the “most interactive Oscar Night in history.” The site will provide coverage of the nominations morning show to the glamorous red carpet, into the Kodak Theatre, backstage, and culminating at the Academy’s official post-ceremony celebration, the Governors Ball. The site is sponsored by Hyundai and an ABC (NYSE: DIS) rep tells paidContent other marketers are being lined up. []

»  Condé Nast has teamed up with ad date firm Lotame to better identify specific users as part of an online “crowd.” [Adweek]

»  Controversy sells, right? Well, sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t. Subway is following fellow fast food restraurant chain in abandoning MTV’s Skins over its racy content. [THR]

»  The iPad can coexist with the Kindle, along with all the other electronic species in the digital ecosystem, says Michael Zimbalist, VP-research and development operations for the NYT. “The media marketplace now resembles an ecosystem with a variety of device “species” coexisting side-by-side. Each of these species competes for a scarce resource – our attention. Look around on you on the plane, or the bus or the train and I think you’ll agree that none of these devices appear to be going extinct anytime soon.” [AdAge]

»  That the non-profit news site MinnePost ran $17,594 surplus on spending of $1.261 million won’t sound too impressive to their for-profit brethren. But founders Joel and Laurie Kramer hail it as a “tremendous vindication for our business model, because it resulted from 18 percent revenue growth, not budget-cutting.” [MinnPost via Romenesko]

»  Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) is driving publishers to distraction by changing the rules for iPad subscriptions. [Frédéric Filloux: Monday Note]