Today in Cleantech

Let us mourn the shelving of a national climate change strategy this morning. Word from Washington D.C. is that Carol Browner, President Barack Obama’s handpicked coordinator of energy and climate policy, will be stepping down from her post as soon as an “orderly transition” can be arranged for whoever takes over. As Grist magazine rightly points out, there’s not much Browner’s replacement will be able to do except suffer the slings and arrows of a concerted Republican and conservative attack on the Obama Administration’s entire energy and environmental platform. What share of the blame lies at Browner’s feet is hard to say — as the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza reported in November, the administration’s climate change strategy failed to line up the needed support with its Congressional allies. Now, the Republican takeover of the House has doomed carbon or climate legislation for the next two years, and the EPA’s bid to regulate carbon emissions as a pollutant is facing opposition from the state of Texas and a host of business and industry groups. Perhaps individual states (like California) will take up the slack on policies to combat climate change? In an interesting side note, Reuters reports another nation where the provinces are pushing the central government to move faster on creating markets to combat climate change — China.