EnerNOC’s Acquisition Train Keeps Chugging

Silver Spring Networks might be the “Cisco (s CSCO) of the smart grid” (well, before Cisco entered the smart grid space), but demand response company EnerNOC (s ENOC) has the famous acquisition habits of the router giant. Over the past several years EnerNOC has acquired more than half a dozen companies, as it looks to expand outside of its core competency of providing utilities ways to turn down power loads.

The latest is M2M Communications, which helps EnerNOC fold in the energy from agriculture systems to its power portfolio. Here’s EnerNOC’s acquisition tally to date:

Acquirer Acquired Price, Date Trend
EnerNOC Cogent Energy Undisclosed, Dec. 2009 Demand response player moves into energy efficiency business.
EnerNOC eQuilibrium Solutions Undisclosed, June 2009 EnerNOC adds on energy and carbon accounting software.
EnerNOC Global Energy Partners $26.5M, Dec 2010 EnerNOC keeps expanding beyond demand response with Global Energy Partners acquisition.
EnerNOC M2M Communications Undisclosed, Jan 2011 EnerNOC moves into turning down agriculture systems, like irrigation pumps.
EnerNOC MDEnergy $7.9M, Sept. 2007 EnerNOC buys energy procurement service provider.
EnerNOC Pinpoint Power Undisclosed, June 2005 EnerNOC buys demand response player, two years before it goes public.
EnerNOC SmallFoot Undisclosed, March 2010 The demand response player buys wireless tech for small commercial buildings.
EnerNOC South River Consulting $4.75M, May 2008 EnerNOC adds on more energy procurement and risk management.

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Image courtesy of flickr user miki.