5 Questions With…Hoodlum CEO Tracey Robertson

Here’s a fresh new Five Questions With… for y’all, featuring Tracey Robertson, CEO and co-founder of Hoodlum. Founded in Australia, the folks at Hoodlum have been behind a wide range of award-winning transmedia campaigns, including universe-expanding content for the ABC (s DIS) series Lost and the interactive experience surrounding the Angelina Jolie-starring Salt. Below, find out which social media kingpin she thinks is a game-changer, and why she’s probably mad at me for using the word transmedia.

1. What’s the one big issue/law/attitude/restriction that you think is holding back the industry?

Hoodlum has been evangelizing about multi-platform storytelling for over 10 years and the constant challenge is the “Lost in Translation” moments we have between the traditional content makers and storytellers and the technologists. Every day we take another step forward in bridging the gap, but every new client means there is an education process.

2. What industry buzzword do you never want to hear again?

Transmedia. When transmedia is not used again, we will know that we have taken the next huge cultural shift, towards an environment where it is simply a given that content and stories are told on different platforms. At the moment, though, the term transmedia is either something that people embrace or is something that they fear.

3. If someone gave you $50 million to invest in a company in this space, which one would it be? (Mentioning your own doesn’t count.)

I love data visualization, so it would have to be a company that allows me to search, sort and decipher information quickly in an aesthetically-pleasing way. The fact that we have the ability to use broadband to see information on screens in a three-dimensional way (and I don’t mean 3-D!) means we should not have to look at information that resembles a pamphlet on a screen again.

4. What was the last video (that you weren’t personally involved with) that you liked enough to spread to others?

It would have to be Mark Zuckerberg’s interview at the 2010 Web 2.0 Summit. It’s hardly an original answer, I know, but how can you not be intrigued by the largest game changer of our time? I can’t help but think Facebook is like we are looking at the invention of the transistor radio and can only imagine where we are going to go from here.


5. WILD-CARD: Let’s say I’m an exec at a major media company, and I’ve just hired you to create a transmedia property around a project I’m working on. What is the one thing I could say to you which would prove I don’t understand multiplatform storytelling at all? And what is the one thing I could say which would prove that I do understand it?

Media Exec who is yet to be converted: “I know you are the world leaders in Multiplatform but I just showed my 16-year-old son your stuff and he says it’s too easy.” (Unless your son is Mark Zuckerberg.)

Media Exec who is converted: “I know you are the world leaders in multi-platform, tell me the story you are going to tell. I’ll leave you to interpret how we are going to tell it.”

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