Tremor Media Moves Into Mobile With Transpera Buy

Online video advertising network Tremor Media is upping its game in mobile: it is buying the mobile video ad platform Transpera for an undisclosed amount.

The deal will mean that Tremor can offer placements across both platforms, online and mobile, for digital ad campaigns — and points to a maturing trend in digital advertising looking to converge more platforms into single buys. The deal between Tremor and Transpera was first reported by Techcrunch.

Both companies have a number of high-profile brands to their names. Tremor works with advertisers that include Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart (NYSE: WMT), Sony (NYSE: SNE), Nestle and many others; it serves ads across a number of video partners including Brightcove, Ooyala, Stream5 and many others. Meanwhile, Transpera works with companies Fox Searchlight, Cadillac and BP, among others; and serves ads for the mobile portals of companies like CBS (NYSE: CBS), MTV and Showtime.

The Transpera deal follows another acquisition at Tremor that also points to this consolidation trend. In November Tremor bought streaming ad placement service ScanScout, also for an undisclosed amount.

And Tremor has also been making some key executive hires to manage its growth. Most recently, last month, it was announced that Melinda McLaughlin would be leaving her post as SVP for corporate marketing at A&E Television Networks to become Tremor Media’s CMO.

According to comScore, in December Tremor was a close second to Hulu in terms of total number of video ads served (1 billion versus 1.2 billion). As an ad network, Tremor had the bigger reach, at 28.6 percent compared to only 8.6 percent for Hulu. But Hulu had the higher number of ads per user at 47.1 compared to 11.8.

Adding more platforms to Tremor’s network, as it has done with the Transpera acquisition, will bring it closer again to Hulu, which offers access currently only on one platform, the iPhone, although there are plans to extend that to Android devices as well.