Today in Social

Remember when dotcom Super Bowl ads heralded The End? Not to be a doomsayer or anything, but social commerce startups are in the game, or nearby. AllThingsD wonders if Groupon’s spot – added at the last minute when somebody backed out, likely for $3 million – will flop or pay off. Groupon’s using edgy agency CP+B for its creative, and the Super Bowl should be about branding rather than making a big, server-crashing offer. But we’ll see. Groupon was already in the pregame show, where it will be joined by number two daily deal site LivingSocial. LivingSocial seems to have done well by a massive offer that may or may not have been funded by Amazon, that’s got a big stake in the company. It says 40% of the 1.2 million takers came from viral passalong, but does that mean they were new customers?