Current TV Pledges To Break Ground Online With Keith Olbermann

While Current TV is aiming to make a big splash in television with its announcement Tuesday that Keith Olbermann will join as both nightly on-air talent and equity stakeholder, the network’s executives also claimed to have an eye on making an impact online.

In a conference call with reporters, Current TV co-founder Joel Hyatt indicated the network is in development on ambitious plans for Olbermann’s internet presence.

“We’re working with Keith to do a lot off innovative and new things in how we distribute his commentary online,” said Hyatt, who noted Current TV’s brand has always had a multiplatform emphasis. “We hope to be more significant than just a repeat of the show.”

Olbermann echoed Hyatt’s pledge, vowing to “break new ground in how to add value to how people are using our TV product and online so that they’re not totally redundant, so that each provides a separate value to the viewer.”

Olbermann also took a swipe at all the pre-announcement rumors that had his fortunes intertwined with existing online brands like Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and he jokingly added, “Gmail and Reuters (NYSE: TRI). I don’t know where that came from. Nothing in my plans has got that kind of formal branding.”