Data Scientists Turn Information Into Gold: Meet Them at Our Structure BigData Conference

Foursquare, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and IBM have employed or are aggressively recruiting these superstars. Why? The amount of data already amassed and being collected every second is staggering. The tools to make sense of these mountains of information are just being honed. Insights could generate higher returns for companies. And for some businesses, it might mean creating separate companies built around a new data marketplace.

At Structure Big Data 2011, taking place on March 23 in NYC, we will be featuring leading data scientists to give you real-time insights on how companies are combating their Big Data problems and turning them into golden opportunities for the businesses.

Speakers include:

  • Jeff Jonas – Distinguished Engineer, IBM
  • Alfred Spector – VP of Research and Special Initiatives, Google
  • Hilary Mason – Chief Scientist,
  • Bassel Ojjeh – President and CEO, nPario
  • Todd Papaioannou – VP, Cloud Architecture, Yahoo!

For a list of confirmed speakers to date, check the Structure Big Data speaker list.

Other topics led by GigaOM editors and Pro analysts will include:

  • The Coming Revolution in Statistics
  • Creating Markets from Your Data
  • Spinning Out a New Business from Existing Data
  • Hadoop Panel
  • Supercomputing on Minimum Wage

See the current schedule here for the full line-up. Register today for Structure Big Data, and receive a complimentary research report from GigaOM Pro about the Big Data industry just after the close of the conference. We hope you can join us this year for an intelligent look at Big Data.