Newspaper Advertising: Give It Away, Give It Away Now?

Are UK newspapers struggling to shift ads despite the supposed thawing of the advertising climate?

To fill spots, some are now simply giving ad spots away for free. Two examples…

The Western Mail is enticing readers to complete a market research survey with a prize draw for a full-page £1,400 colour advert in its business supplement.

— News international is giving away £10,000 of ad space to a charity picked as the winner of a contest run by Fundraising magazines and ad sales agency Rendham.

The ad-spend divebomb of 2009 may have stabilised in to less pronounced contraction – but print is forecast by ZenithOptimedia to be the only medium which won’t see a return to advertising growth…

This may be what we’re seeing now – some publishers happy to fill slots to keep inventory up, or swap direct custom for marketing leads.