Web Conferencing App Adobe Connect Gets XMPP Support

Adobe’s (s adbe) Flash-based enterprise web conferencing app, Connect, now has multi-user XMPP chat support, available as a downloadable extension.

Once installed, Adobe Connect meeting hosts can access chat rooms (“text conferences”) hosted on an XMPP server by launching the extension in the “Share” pod during the meeting, then connecting to the server and choosing a  conference room to join.

It means Connect hosts can now meet with users of many other XMPP-compatible chat clients, such as Jabber, iChat (s aapl), Miranda-IM and Adium. Once a chat room is joined, the meeting participants can simply view the chat as guests without logging in (guest viewing can be disabled by the host), or participants can each log into the XMPP server with their own credentials to participate. Chat can continue seamlessly with other meeting activities such as video, audio and screen sharing.

Being able to access chat rooms with users of other software may sound like it’s no big deal  — after all, most Connect users will already have an XMPP chat client installed on their machines, or could always download one — but this extension should enhance Connect’s potential as a collaborative tool, as it can now integrate with a much wider ecosystem of apps. Additionally, meetings can now start out as simple chats rather than full-blown web conferences, and can then quickly be escalated to a full conference, if required.

The free XMPP Multi-User Chat extension can be downloaded here; documentation is included.

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