Ditto: My New Favorite Windows Clipboard Tool

In my recent post about ClipCube, a simple Windows (s msft) app that enables you to check out previously copied/cut items and re-copy the to the clipboard, I said it was missing a couple of features I would have liked it to have: the ability to handle images and keyboard shortcuts. One of our readers, Brett, helpfully noted in the comments that he uses Ditto, a similar open-source tool that happens to have the functionality I was missing.

I’ve been using Ditto all morning, and I have to say that it’s excellent. Just like ClipCube, it’s unobtrusive and sits out of the way in the system tray until you need it, but it’s more powerful:

  • Works with mouse or keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys (instructions are detailed here)
  • Supports images, with thumbnails in the copied item list
  • Unicode support
  • Can keep multiple clipboards in sync over the network and send items between clipboards (with encryption)

Because it has more features than ClipCube, it’s more complex; some of its network settings may take a little figuring out, for example. However, its basic functions are very easy to use; I highly recommend it.

Ditto can be downloaded from Sourceforge. It’s available both with an installer and as a portable application.

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