ShortForm Widgets Let Users Take Their Channels Anywhere

Video curation startup ShortForm is unveiling a new feature that will let its users broadcast their video channels on their own personal blogs and other websites. Using the new ShortForm widget, publishers can embed their own video player and curated channel lineups, opening the service and potential viewership beyond the site.

ShortForm enables users to create their own channels of online video content, pulling from sources like YouTube (s GOOG) and running videos side-by-side. The goal is to tap its video jockeys, or VJs, to assemble relevant groups of videos, which ShortForm eventually expects to place interstitial ads between. Once that happens, the startup hopes to share its ad revenue with the VJs who create those channels.

In an interview, ShortForm CEO Nader Ghaffari showed us the company’s new widget, which will soon be made generally available to all ShortForm VJs. The startup had already rolled out the feature to a few select publishers for testing, including The Dead Hub, Ducati News Today, Flakasoft, The Garage Blog, Moms With Apps, Peternity, and Writing Travel.

By introducing the widget, ShortForm will no longer depend on VJs to drive traffic back to its website. Instead, channels can be available wherever its users want to embed the player. That will be key as it attempts to increase the number of videos viewers watch from its curated channels. But the widget isn’t the only tool ShortForm plans to use to boost engagement and interest from potential VJs; it also plans to open up the platform to enable multiple channels per user, as well as to create collaborative channels. Ghaffari said he hopes to soon introduce a leaderboard to let VJs see how their channels are doing, relative to other users.

ShortForm isn’t the only video curation startup out there. VodPod also allows users to collect and share groups of videos with their friends, and was built on enabling publishers to curate and display videos their viewers might be interested in. But while VodPod enables users to bookmark and share videos, it doesn’t enable back-to-back streaming of them. And unlike Magnify, which has shifted its focus to enterprise offerings, ShortForm is focused pretty squarely on consumer tools.

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