TheDeadline: A Slick Collaborative Task Manager

TheDeadline is a collaborative task management app  in a pretty crowded space. There are a bunch of great to-do list apps available, like WWD favorite Remember the Milk, but what makes TheDeadline worth checking out is its Twitter-style input mechanism, which makes entering to-dos and sharing them with colleagues feel intuitive and fast.

TheDeadline’s main window is dominated by your to-do list. You can filter the view by clicking the tabs to one side, so you can, for example, only see tasks due today, in the next week, or assigned to others. You can also filter the view by tag. It’s slick and looks good, but where TheDeadline really shines is in its natural (well, it’s natural as long you’re already a Twitter user) input mechanism.

Adding colleagues to a to-do item is just a matter of “@-ing” their email addresses in the task description, for example “Renew hosting subscription @[email protected] @[email protected]” If the people mentioned are already TheDeadline users, the item will be added to their to-do list; otherwise they’ll receive an invite to sign up. Hashtags (to add tags to tasks and organize them) and groups (to distribute tasks) can also be added in a similar fashion, for you could enter “write requirements doc #redesign @[email protected] &wwd.” Due dates can be added via a calendar widget. You can also enter tasks by emailing them to a special email address.

TheDeadine also supports keyboard shortcuts for nearly every action you can take on the website. Combined with the Twitter-style task entry, it makes for a task manager that’s very rapid in use.

TheDeadline is free. While it doesn’t have the proliferation of native mobile clients and other access options that Remember the Milk has, it’s an HTML5 app, which means the website also works on mobile devices, including the iPhone (s aapl) and Android (s goog) phones.

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