Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder Embraces Kickstarter

Jon Heder, best known for the role as the quintessential dork in the movie Napoleon Dynamite, is turning to Kickstarter to get funding for a short film project called Drained. Heder, who will be producing Drained, posted his pitch together with the film’s director Nick Peterson, and the duo is aiming to raise a total of $27,000.

Why so much money? “We want this short film to go beyond the web,” says Heder, explaining that the goal is to take the film to festivals and give people a “theatrical experience.”

Jon Heder is certainly not new to the world of web video. He previously starred in Crackle’s web series Woke Up Dead, which originally aired on the Sony-owned (s SNE) site in the fall of 2009.

That Heder is now using Kickstarter to raise money for this project, as opposed to just hitting up his Hollywood buddies, is a big validation for the site and its democratic nature. Kickstarter has previously been used to fund a number of web series projects, including Pioneer One and Olga Kay’s Circus.

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