Auto-Tune the News Rocks the Oscars

Screen grab credit: TheDigiTour

I’m probably not the only one who was ready to fall asleep halfway through the show during last night’s Oscars telecast, but then it happened: Anne Hathaway and James Franco joked slightly awkwardly about this being “the year of the movie musical,” only to wake up the audience with an awesome auto-tune mash-up, featuring Harry Potter pals Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, Woody from the Toy Story franchise, Justin Timberlake playing Sean Parker and Twilight’s Edward, Jacob and Bella.

Check out this YouTube (s GOOG) clip in case you missed it:


The video wasn’t just a tribute to the YouTube auto-tune mash-up phenomenon, though; it was actually produced by none other than the Gregory Brothers, best known for Auto-Tune the News and their Songify This videos.

Asked about the collaboration, Evan Gregory told me via email:

“The producers of the broadcast reached out to us and asked us to do a piece. Then we collaborated with them over a period of several weeks to pull it together.”

Many Auto-Tune fans immediately went online to thank the Gregorys for their Oscars contribution.

Others, who had missed the clip, wondered when it would be added to the Gregory Brothers YouTube channel. Unfortunately, due to rights issues, the answer seems to be never. Said Evan Gregory:

“We won’t be posting the clip to our YouTube channel, but it will live for a limited time online at the Academy’s site.”

This means that Auto-Tune the News aficionados will have to scour YouTube for fan uploads (just like we did for the embed above), which may or may not get taken down in the days to come, or patiently wait until the clip finally gets uploaded to the Oscars website.

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