GoToMyPC Debuts for iPad

Citrix’s (s ctxs) popular remote access tool GoToMyPC is now available for the iPad (s aapl), with a new app that lets users access files, programs and network resources on desktop Macs or PCs from their tablets.

As with other remote access products TeamViewer and LogMeIn, GoToMyPC works through firewalls, and requires little configuration other than installing the GoToMyPC software on the computer you wish to connect with. GoToMyPC for iPad can remotely connect via 3G or Wi-Fi networks. It includes multi-touch and gesture-based controls for zooming and panning It can emulate keyboard and mouse movements, and features auto-correction for spelling and capitalization. Data transfers use 128-bit AES encryption.

In putting together this post, I’ve relied on the developer’s press release, website and video demo. I haven’t actually tried the app myself, because in order to sign up for the trial of the service, one is required to provide credit card information. Annoyingly, this isn’t made clear until one has completed the first part of the sign-up process, and provided Citrix with one’s email address. The sign-up form says users will be notified before the trial expires, and their cards won’t be charged until the 30-day trial period has expired. However, I won’t provide credit card information under such circumstances, and I think many others will feel the same way. Frankly, I think Citrix has made a big mistake here. There are too many competing solutions to put people off with such antiquated requirements. And what about workers who might want to try out the program but don’t have access to company credit cards?

The iPad version of GoToMyPC is available from the iTunes App Store. Pricing for the service starts at $9.95 per month per computer, with annual and multiple-computer plans available.

Have you used GoToMyPC? Would you use an iPad to connect to your work computer?

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