Today in Cloud

You can always tell when a company is carefully coordinating its messaging; email inbox and RSS reader fill with an awful lot of very similar stories within a couple of minutes, usually very early in the morning UK time. And so it was this morning, as news broke that SeaMicro had released another server crammed full of 256 bespoke dual-core chips from Intel. Just as with their launch device last year, SeaMicro are focussing hard on physical footprint and power efficiency; the company claims “¼ the power [and] ¼ the space” of traditional servers (whatever those are). The chips in the new server are capable of running 64-bit code, making it far easier to slot these devices into an IT environment dominated by Linux servers. SeaMicro is getting early access to Intel’s newest low-power Atom chip, but other manufacturers will be close behind. ARM, the UK-based company that dominates the market for Atom chips in cellphones, currently only offers 32-bit designs… but may also see opportunities in this area.