Ooyala Adds Live, Secure On-Demand Video for iOS Devices

Ooyala is extending support for Apple (s AAPL) iOS devices today, enabling its publishers to deliver live and secure on-demand videos to users on iPhones and iPad tablets. The company is also extending its analytics to include videos watched on iOS.

Because the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch devices don’t support Adobe’s Flash video plugin, (s ADBE) publishers that want to deliver video to the device have to do so using a combination of H.264-encoded video files and HTML5. But HTML5 isn’t quite as mature as Flash. With the new features added to its platform, Ooyala customers will be able to securely stream on-demand videos to iOS devices with the help of Akamai token-based authentication. The release also adds live functionality for iPhone and iPad users, which the platform had been missing.

The biggest news, though, is the availability of cross-device support for its analytics platform, giving users access to detailed viewing information for videos regardless of the device they are viewed on. That includes user engagement, viewer trends and preferences and geographic info for videos delivered in both Flash and HTML5.

The company no doubt timed the release ahead of Wednesday’s expected introduction of the iPad 2 at an event in San Francisco. In less than a year since launch, Apple has sold more than 15 million iPads worldwide, and it is likely to accelerate that growth with the launch of the newest version of the tablet device.

Ooyala recently raised additional $22 million in venture funding, and has raised $42 million in total since being founded in 2007. The most recent round was raised as part of Ooyala’s plans to expand into Asia-Pacific market.

Disclosure: The GigaOM Network has a commercial relationship with Ooyala for the delivery of its video content.

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